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I don't receive text alerts when my alarm goes off

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2012 10:17AM PDT

There are quite a few variables that can prevent alarm triggers from being sent to your phone via SMS.  The following requirements must be met in order for this feature to work correctly:

1)  The correct phone number AND carrier name must be attached to your account.  You can verify what number is currently being used on your account by logging in to  If the number is correct but the carrier name is not you will NOT receive alerts.  Our alerts are generated as emails that are sent to your carrier and translated to text messages.  If the wrong carrier is selected that email goes to the wrong server.

2)  Your vehicle and your phone BOTH must be in a good cellular coverage area.  If the vehicle is located in a poor coverage area the alert will never reach the server.  If your phone is in a poor coverage area the server will not be able to find your phone.

3)  Your remote starter MUST have an alarm feature.  Not all of our systems have an alarm feature.  For example, any customer that purchased a VSS3000 or VSS4000 SmartStart package DOES NOT have an alarm feature.  The VSS5000 does.

4)  A very small percentage of customers may have SMS-to-Email capabilities blocked.  Whether or not this feature is enabled is up to your carrier.  THis option should only be considered if you have already confirmed that the phone number, carrier name, and system type have been confirmed.

5)  As of 10/12/2012 the installation portal will activate devices with SMS turned off.  The customer must now go in to the app and set up their SMS alerts manually in order to receive them.

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