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My remote is broken. How do I start my car?

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2012 12:54PM PDT
You may find yourself in a postion where you have lost your remote or damaged it and are unable to disarm your alarm.  This is not a problem as all of our systems have a backup method to disarm your vehicle.

To disarm your alarm without a remote you will need to enter your vehicle using your traditional key.  The alarm will sound at this time.  Once inside the vehicle locate your valet switch.  Once you know where your valet switch is simply insert your key into the ignition cylinder, turn to the "run" or "on" position then tap the valet switch one time.  Do not hold the switch, make sure it's a quick tap of the button.  The alarm should stop sounding after a second or two and you should be able to start your car at that time.

If this does not work it is possible that the installer programmed the overide feature for more than one press of the valet button.  Through installer programming this feature can be changed to operate on up to five presses of the valet button. If the procedure mentioned above does not work simply turn the key off then back on and press the valet switch two times.  If this does not work turn the key off then back on and try it three times.  Continue this up to five and one of them should disarm the alarm.  Please note that 90% of the time the installer leaves this feature at the factory default of one press.

You may be asking yourself what your valet switch looks like or where you can find it.  The attached file provides a picture of the three different styles of valet switches we have made over the years.  Most systems that have been manufactured since 2008 have the switch built in to the antenna which is usually found on the windshield.  Systems that were manufactured prior to that use the stand alone switch which can be found towards the bottom half of your driver side dash.  Usually on the kick panel cover or the side of your center console.  The location may vary depending on the installer.

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